Trade Service Results Up 139%

Since the service resumed, we have  completed five trades:

Long TZA  + 16.8%

Short Gold  +28%

Long Treasuries +57.7%

Long Dollar + 37%

Short Silver  – 1.68%

That is a 139% return on risk or nearly a 14 % return on total capital in less than two months…



Recent Calls

July 27 – long TZA (Bearish 3x Russell) after spotting bullish context in the down trending slope

Result: +16.8%

July 27 – long 30-year futures at 153’07 after slope validation on the weekly

Result + 57.7% return on risk

August 4 – shorted gold futures after spotting fresh resistance here:

Result: +28% return on risk

Long dollar:

Result + 37% return on risk

Dollar 240 – bullish action

dollar 14.png

Our bullish dollar/bearish metals call continues to play out well here – note this morning how we are finding fresh support at prior resistance (a bullish signal). If it holds, watch for another leg up in the dollar here…If it does not, watch for fresh resistance back at that level which would complete a head and shoulders pattern and signal a move south….